[Lot fleeing the destruction of Sodom]


The following is a short Message I have written about one of the most con­troversial issues of our day, Homosexuality. That this could even be a divisive issue in our land tells how far we have fallen morally and spiritually as a nation!

Many no longer see homosexuality as a SIN, (even in the APOSTATE CHURCH) and many who still do see it as a sin, see it as they do other sins, as no big deal.

With many people taking these views of homosexuality they see no reason to oppose its proponents, as a matter of fact they see such opposition as intoler­ance, bigotry and out right hate. It is no longer in America a virtue to hate every evil way and to love and embrace decency and our old Biblical values. Someone has said the following about America and Sin: “In America today it has become worse to JUDGE EVIL than to DO EVIL.” And to that I must add an AMEN!!!

Satan must be rejoicing at the deception he has pulled over on us and at the soon coming destruction it will bring upon us.

In this message I try to show the real goal be­hind the push to accept the homosexual lifestyle and why it is not just another sin to be tolerated and embraced, but one which we must continue to oppose through Activism, Prayer and the Preaching of the Gospel, until the Lord gives our land a Revival, a great harvest of souls that will deliver the homosexual from this evil, change people’s attitude towards this sin and cleanse our land of this scourge. That must be OUR GOAL, and nothing less is acceptable.

The battle over the acceptance of Homosexuality is one of those battles that are a GAME CHANGER. Satan knows that if he can get a Nation to accept Homo­sexuality as Normal and OK, then he knows that nothing else will be considered by such people as Wrong or Sin. The rejection of the Lord and His Word will then be complete and the probability that the Lord will “Give Them Up” is almost a certainty, and the ground work will then be laid for the acceptance of his man, the Anti-Christ [Daniel 11:37].

There is no sin like homosexuality, it is not like other sins, it is the Lowest of all SINS. Ask yourself; what lower depth is there to sink to, for a man or women who has already sunk to the level of being an devout homosexual? There is none, that is why Satan is fighting so hard for its acceptance. He knows if Homosexuality is no longer considered sin by our society, or if our society becomes as tolerant of this evil as they are of all other evils, then nothing else will be called sin or serious by our society as well, with the exception of CALLING SIN, SIN. That is where America is close to being. About the only thing that is sin in America any longer is to be Intolerant of Sin and to Call Sin By Name!! Let me give five proofs from the Word of God that confirms Homosexuality is the Greatest of all sins, you cannot fall any lower than this, and for a people to EMBRACE the evil of Homosexuality means that these same  people must also be willing to be REJECTED by the Lord. Jesus is LIGHT and if we are to walk with Him we must reject DARKNESS or be REJECTED by Him. [AMOS 3:3]  [1 John 1:5-7]


Many people (even Pastors and Christians) foolishly say that homosexuality is just a Sin like any other Sin. Nothing could be farther from the TRUTH. There are differing degrees of Sin in the Lord’s eyes [John 19:11;”…the GREATER Sin…”] Just as a Cancer has different stages so does sin. What is worse Cancer in Stage 1 or in Stage 4? We all have sinned, but the Homosexual has taken sin to Stage 4, to the greatest degree you can go before the Lord gives you up. It is evident from [Romans 1:21] that the verses that follow are a descrip­tion of what these Christ rejecters “…became…” over a period of time. A homosexual is what they became, what they had devolved into after years of willfully rejecting God’s continual revelation of Himself to them. [Romans 1:21] The people that [Romans 1] are talking about are the pagan nations that were living in the Promise Land before Israel went in to possess it. [Genesis 15:16] tells us that the Lord was continually revealing Himself to these people during the four gen­erations (400 years in round figures) that Israel was in Egypt. [Exodus 12:40, 41] tells us that it was 430 years to the day as the exact amount of time of Israel’s stay in Egypt. From the arrival of Jacob in Egypt [Genesis 46:6] until their Exo­dus was 430 years to the day. During this whole time frame the Lord was contin­ually revealing Himself to these people in order to get them to turn to Him for salvation.

We are not told in Scripture how long the Lord may of been revealing Him­self to them before the time of Jacob’s entrance into Egypt, but we know for sure that the Lord had been dealing with these people continually for at least 430 years, and all during this time of rejecting God, of refusing to give Him His rightful place as Lord of their lives, they kept morally degenerating lower and lower until the whole of their society was infected with homosexuality. [Genesis 19:4]

This society was not a homosexual society when the Lord began His reve­lation to them; this is what they “…became…” [Romans 1:21] after 400 plus years of willfully refusing to turn to the True and Living God. Thus we are made to see that homosexuality is the Greatest Degree of sin a man can be in, it is the lowest a man can fall. Think about it, where is there left to go for a man that has fallen so low as to become a full blown homosexual? That is the bottom, there is no farther that a man or women could go, that is why the Lord gave them up; “WHEREFORE, God also gave them up to uncleanness…” [Romans 1:24] God doesn’t give up on a man until he has gone as low as he can go and absolutely refuses to repent and turn to the Lord. Homosexuality was that low for the society spoken of in Romans Chapter One.

It has taken America 200 plus years to get to the place where homosexuality has gone from being illegal and disdained to become acceptable and even encouraged throughout the whole of our society as it was in Sodom. We have fallen so low that now it is becoming illegal for anyone to say anything negative about this Abomination. What new low is left for America to fall to now? Can we go any lower? To fall any lower America would have to MAKE UP A NEW SIN, be­cause as it stands now, and throughout all of the history of mankind, homosex­uality is the lowest form of sin that we have.

A good illustration of this is the Prodigal Son in [Luke 15]. When the Prodigal left his Father’s House he was in Sin but he wasn’t yet in the Pig Pen. The Pig Pen represents the lowest point that a man in sin can fall.

We are told in [Leviticus 11:7] and in [Deuteronomy 14:8] that the Lord had declared swine as unclean animals and because of such, the Nation of Israel were forbidden to eat them. The Jew looked upon swine with disdain, no Jew could have fallen any lower than to have come to the point in his life that he was Slopping Swine. That was as low as you could go for a Jew. That is the picture we have of the society described in Romans Chapter One. They are pictured as having falling so low that when they finally hit bottom they were in homosexuality. No human could fall any lower morally and spiritually than to become a practicing Homo­sexual. Homosexuality is the SWINE SLOPPING OF ALL SINS. Let me say that I realize that many people struggle with this sin and are ashamed and guilt ridden, I am not talking about these poor souls who struggle with this evil, nor even about some people, who may of out of curiosity, have experimented with homosexuality. I am talking about the hard core militants, who like the citizens of Sodom [Genesis19], have given themselves over to the Swine Slopping Sin of Homosexuality!


Another thing about homosexuality that makes it a Sin of Greater Degree is the fact that it is a DOUBLE SIN. Let me explain what I mean by that through this example:

If a married man has sex with a women other than his wife, he has committed Adultery against his wife and the Lord. If that same man has sex with another Man, he has not only committed Adultery against his wife and the Lord, he has ALSO com­mitted and act of Perversion and Abomination [Lev.18:22; 20:13] against the Lord as well. He has compounded his sin to include perversion. He has not only misused sex but he has also perverted sex.

ill. It is like a man who robs a bank and in the process he kills the banker. He is not only guilty of robbing the bank, but he has committed a second crime, and even greater crime, the crime of murder. The sinful homosexual act can never be committed alone. Depending upon the marital status of the partners involved in the act, there always will be the sin of extra-marital sex (adultery) or premarital sex (fornication) added to the sin. With that being so there is another thing that is for sure –when you double the sin you are sure to double the consequences!! That leads to our third point.


(1 Corinthians 6:13-18)

The Lord tells us in [1 Corinthians 6:13-18], that there is NO SIN that is so DESTRUCTIVE to our bodies than that of Fornication, (or sexual immorality and perversion).  We all have seen over the years how America’s views on smoking has changed because of the toll that it takes upon one’s health and the many deaths each year that are caused by smoking or breathing second hand smoke. The advances in science have allowed us to trace many cancers and other illnesses back to smoking.

The Lord has warned us for 2,000 years that sexual immorality will be more destructive to our bodies than anything else we do with our bodies, more deadly than inhaling the poisons in tobacco is using our bodies to engage in immorality and perversion, and it has not taken science nearly as long to connect the dots of destructive and deadly diseases like AIDS and several other STD’s back to ho­mosexual behavior (misbehavior) as it did to trace cancers and other deadly dis­eases back to smoking.

Survey after survey show that the average life span for a homosexual male is nearly 20 years less than for heterosexual males. You rarely see an OLD HOMOSEXUAL; if they begin to embrace this sin at a young age it is doubtful that they will live to be 50 years of age. Yet, you never see a monogamous married cou­ple ever contracting a STD or the deadly disease of AIDS from their own sexual behavior, proving that homosexual behavior is SIN. Science has confirmed God’s Word, but society seems to be more resistant to admitting that homosexuality is harmful to our health than they were with cigarettes.

On top of the STD’S and AIDS you have to add the toll that the depression, unhappiness, guilt and shame that comes with the sin, takes on the health of our bodies, making homosexuality even more deadly. The suicide level in the homosexual community is much higher than the rest of society, adding to the death toll to the homosexual community. No Sin is as Destructive to one’s body as is immorality, and perversion will just take that toll to a new and higher level! The Destructiveness of Homosexuality confirms it is a SIN as God’s Word says it is, and makes it a Greater Sin than other sins!!

As I am writing this message I have read a report that just came out (February 12, 2011) on the homosexual movement in California. It stated that an openly homosexual State Representative is introducing a law that would make it mandatory for the Public Schools to teach its children the positive aspects of being a homosexual, lesbian, or of all things, a trans-gender, along with the pos­itive contributions they have made to society. (Yea like AIDS, etc.) Can we get any sicker as a society, that a State would even elect such a person to a high office, and to have the audacity to think of offering such a bill for consideration. (God Heal Our SICK Land) [2 Chronicles 7:14] Is this what we want to be teaching our children to look on positively? A DEATH STYLE, an evil that is shown to shorten their life span by at least 20 years and to make one’s life a life of shame and depression. Is that what we want for our young people? Where is the sanity in America? We would be appalled if a teacher stood before her class and extolled the virtues of Smoking or Drugs, both are killers, but homosexuals have a lifes­pan shorter than smokers. WAKE UP AMERICA!!


Other Evidence from Scripture that proves the Lord sees homosexuality as a greater sin than others is His description of this sin in [Leviticus 18:22; 20:13]. In both verses He calls it an ABOMINATION. The word ABOMINATION means; ‘Something disgusting, something abhorrent, it comes from a word meaning, to detest-utterly, in other words when the Lord calls a sin and Abomination He is saying it is UTTERLY (beyond anything else) disgusting and abhorrent, something He detests beyond anything else. I think that that is an ideal description of ho­mosexuality.

It is also informative to realize that in [Leviticus 16 and 20] the Lord is also forbidding the sexual sins of Adultery with another man’s wife or his sons wife Incest with his father’s wife, but He doesn’t use the word Abomination to describe them, He saved that for homosexuality. I doubt that was an oversight with the Lord.

Another proof that homosexuality is the greatest of all sins is found in [Matthew 24:15].In this verse the Lord calls THE ANTI-CHRIST an “ABOMINA­TION”. The Scripture clearly teaches that the Anti-Christ will be “…a man of sin, the son of perdition.”[2Thessalonians2:3] “…that wicked one…” [2Thessalonians 2:8].

What the Lord is telling us about the Anti-Christ is that he will be; ” A SINNER ABOVE ALL SINNERS, AN EVIL MAN ABOVE ALL EVIL MEN, A WICKED MAN ABOVE ALL OTHER WICKED MEN”, that is what the Lord means by the describing a person or a sin by the term, ABOMINATION!

As the Anti-Christ is a Sinner Above All Sinners, An Evil Man Above All Evil Men, A Wicked Man Above All Wicked Men, so is Homosexuality a SIN ABOVE ALL SINS, An ABOMINATION!!

No wonder the Lord tells us in [REVELATION 21:8], that among those that shall “…have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death”, will be “…the ABOMINABLE…” [Revelation 21:8]



I could also make the case that the Lord sees homosexuality as the greatest of sins by the Lord’s Damnation. Damnation is the Lord expressing His utter dis­pleasure with one. In [Genesis 18:20] the Lord again through His Description of this sin said the “…sin of …Sodom and Gomorrah was Very Grievous…” and be­cause of that He had determined to TERMINATE those cities of the plain [Genesis 19:24-29]. The Lord Terminated their lease with Him on the area of the earth that He had given them.

[Lot escaping Sodom as Judgment Falls “Genesis19:23-25”]

The Lord terminated the cities not for lying, stealing, etc., but because, to Him, it was a GRIEVOUS state of sin that they had fallen to. A rampant, open, militant, Homosexuality, that had infected every area of society, from the poorest to the richest, from the very young to the oldest among them. [Genesis 19:4] For most unrepentant sinners Damnation awaits them in the future, but the Lord damned these Sodomites for a warning of the DAMNATION that awaits every unrepentant Sodomite in their future. [2 Peter 2:6]

This sin is so great that the Lord damned a whole society as a warning to those who would be in the future so deviant and deceived as to follow such a lifestyle. That seems out of character and extreme action for the Lord to take if Homosexuality was just another sin, would it not?!!


[Ezekiel 16:49, 50] “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister, Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness were in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed Abomination before Me;  therefore, I took them away as I saw good!!”

Many proponents of homosexuality use these verses in [ Ezekiel 16] to refute the argument that it was for homosexuality that the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It was these other conditions mentioned that were the cause for judg­ment, they say. What the Lord is telling us in [Ezekiel 16:49, 50] is, these were the conditions in society that breeds immorality and perversion. An affluent society that has so much wealth that they no longer have the trials, troubles and hard work that build character, and so much idle time that they have nothing but sin to fill it with, will continue their moral slide until finally the reach the depths of perversion, homosexuality.

This explains why so many homosexuals are wealthy. Most of them I am sure had not fully embraced this evil until they began to prosper. It is like the old question of which came first; the Chicken or the Egg; did homosexuals become involved in this evil before or after their prosperity. For most, I believe they would say, they fell this low after they had advanced materially, and began to have the spare time and money to enjoy their lusts. As their sins began to give diminished returns, they had to go lower and lower to satisfy their lusts, until they hit the low of Homosexuality. At this point Satan has them bound by this evil and only the Blood of Christ can break the bond that binds them, and then only when they are willing the repent and turn to Jesus. To refuse to do so  leaves the Lord with no alternative, but to reject them and condemn them to His righteous judgment.

That is the point at which a society falls. If America were in depression days where men had to struggle to keep themselves and their families from starv­ing, just barely getting by, you would not see people with the wealth to take the time from work to march in the streets for homosexual rights, or putting on vul­gar parades. You would not see politicians giving their time to push the homo­sexual lifestyle and gay marriages on society. Those issues would no longer seem important, certainly not important enough to dominate our national conversa­tion. Poverty and the struggle for mere survival would break us of this evil. This is probably where the Lord is taking our nation if we persist to defend and demand perversion.

Let me say this once again; this battle is a Game Changer for the Devil and his crowd, he knows that a people cannot fall any lower than this. If he can get us to accept this he can get us to accept anything else. But even more serious is the fact that he knows that if he can get us to Accept this he can get the Lord to Reject us [Rom.1:26 -“…For this cause God gave them up…”]

THAT IS SATAN’S GOAL BEHIND THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT –to take a society so low that the Lord would abandon it to their sin. In reality the Lord says to such a society; “You want to live like the devil, I will just give you to the Devil!!” America, be very careful what you ask for, you may just get it. Then we will discover that we got what we wanted, but we don’t want what we got, but it will be too late, our fate will have been settled!!

Judah’s Defiance to the Lord may pale in comparison to America’s, the na­tion who once considered herself a Christian Nation, the nation who once said that they were, One Nation under God. America has always considered ourselves a nation founded upon the Judeo-Christian Ethic (Old and New Testaments),a nation to whom we owe our glory to the Lord alone, [Psalms 33:12] a nation that has never had any hesitation or embarrassment to call itself a Christian Nation. Those days are becoming a thing of the past.

We now have a President who mocks the Bible as unreasonable and unnecessary, who stands before the Muslim world and had the audacity to tell them that “America has never considered our­selves a Christian nation, nor do we do so now.” That statement alone denied the Lord’s goodness and involvement in our nation’s history and forever put him at odds with the Lord, and the Lord now is bound for the sake of His Own Name and Glory to curse this President and everything he touches, to make it clear to him and the world who is God.

The Lord will not share His glory, [Isaiah 42:8] nor will he be denied it, as Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezar, (Judah’s captor) would later learn the hard way. [Daniel 4:28-37]

America too was a nation who for the most part, had One God, the God of the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Now we too have become a nation of many gods to whom we bow, as many as the cities listed in an Atlas. We too, have as a nation, done what no other nation in history has done except for Judah, and that is we too HAVE CHANGED OUR GOD. [Jeremiah 2:9-13] We are the only two nations in the history of the world that has done that. You have never heard of a Muslim Nation turning from their false god of Allah to Jesus, and you never will. You have never heard of a Buddhist Nation converting to Allah, and you never will. The only two nations in the history of the world to be so foolish and wicked has been Judah and America, and we see how that turned out for Judah, and we are told in [Psalms 9:17] how that will turn out for any other Christian Nation who would choose to be so foolish. [Psalms 9:17] “The wicked shall be turned into H-E-L-L (sheol), and ALL NATIONS that Forget God!” [Psalms 9:16] “The Lord is known by the JUDGMENT which He executeth!”

The battle is raging and NO Preacher or Christian can be Silent or Absent in this battle. To do so is High Treason against Heaven!!

MARTIN LUTHER’S words are a clarion call to us today to join the battle:

“If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the Truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the Devil are at the moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be pro­fessing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved, and to be steady on all the battlefield besides is merely flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point!



1Corinthians 2:2; 2Corinthians 4:5


About Jack Woodard

I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 42 Years]


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  3. Brenda Algarin says:

    Pastor Woodard in your opinion, How do you deal with your son or daugher if he is gayor she is a lesbian? Do I close the door on him? Do I love him less? How do we as a Christian society, living in this country where sin has over taken every city in this country deal with this? We vote no but most make a decision to stay neutral. But one day our sons or daughters come home and say mom and dad I’m gay or lesbian? What would Jesus do?

    • Jack Woodard says:

      Brenda, every parent is faced with disappointment and heartbreak with their children (as our parents experienced with us) and our love for them remains steadfast. If our love and concern for them remain steadfast that means that we can never accept or condone a lifestyle that demonstrates that they are not saved and not willing to be saved if they refuse to repent and change their ways. This is to put them above the Lord in our lives and to surrender our attempt to keep them from going to h-e-l-l. We must never do that. Let them know you love them even though you strongly disagree with their sin and lifestyle and will never condone it or accept it as normal and acceptable. I have found with most who go into the homosexual lifestyle that to be affirmed by their loved ones is only going to assure they will continue to go deeper into it. The only hope they will come out of the lifestyle is to assure that you do not let them pull you down with them, remain above that and continue to be their lifeline out of this lifestyle. I hope this is of some help to you. I do not know your situation but I fell your heavy heart and will be in prayer for you and your family. God Bless, Bro Jack Woodard

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