Nehemiah Leading the People In the Rebuilding of the Walls of Jerusalem





“So the wall was finished in the twenty and fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty two days!” [Nehemiah 6:15]


That is an amazing statement when you consider the extent of the devastation and that for years the people had shown a willingness to live in defeat, disgrace, and even danger, rather than to pay the price and muster the courage to rise up and rebuild the City and the Walls of Jerusalem. How then was so much accomplished in such a short period of time with such a people? Leadership, the Bold Leadership of one man, Nehemiah.

I have often noticed how timid political leaders can be in the face of opposition and criticism, even after being elected by a majority of the people with a mandate to lead in fixing the mess our Nation finds itself in. Many Pastor’s become timid and fearful to really led the Church back to the Bible when faced with opposition and criticism. It seems job security and popularity with the carnal crowd is more important to them than it is to be faithful to the Lord and His Calling upon their lives.

I have also noticed some of the same tactics being used against them are some of the same tactics Nehemiah’s opposition employed against him and his efforts to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The fact is that there will always be opposition against those that are about doing what is right for our Nation and for the Work of the Lord. We need Bold Leaders like Nehemiah in our government and in our churches, that will not be stopped nor allow his people to take their hands from the plow. Let me suggest several things that Nehemiah as a leader would not allow himself or his people to be and do. Let’s pray our Leaders would be so wise and so bold.

1. Nehemiah Would Not Be Selfish: [Nehemiah 1, 5]

 As the King’s Cupbearer he had a comfortable life, but he was willing to Deny Himself his comforts for the Lord’s sake and for the sake of his Nation, present and future. Nor would he allow the selfishness and greed of others to take advantage of the people when they were down. [Nehemiah 5] Nehemiah would not tolerate selfishness in him-self or among his people. We need Leaders who are willing to deny themselves and give themselves to the task at hand for the sake of the generations to come. That was the first and foremost common factor that our Founding Fathers possessed and displayed. Many a work goes undone because no one is willing to Deny Themselves and Put Their Hands to the Plow. Many a work has been stopped because of the hard feelings and divisions that have been created by selfish people who were eager to take advantage of people in difficult times for personal gain. No Selfish person will ever be a builder. The first law of discipleship is Self Denial and Submission to the Lord and His call upon your life. [Matthew 16:24] Someone once stated: “In the world of give and take, there are not many willing to give what it takes!!” It takes a man who is willing to die to self. That is Jesus’ call, come and die! (Matthew 16:25) Do Not Be Selfish nor Self Serving!!

2. Nehemiah Would Not Be Scared: [Nehemiah 2:3; 6:9, 11]

 The fear of man and what they may do unto you can be paralyzing, but Nehemiah time and time again shows his courage and the ability to encourage others to press on in the face of threats and intimidation. Get it settled, if the work is the thing that the Lord would have you to do, then the Lord will be with you and he will also be against all of your opposition. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” [Romans 8:31] “No weapon that if formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise up against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me, saith the Lord.”[Isaiah 54:17]  Do Not Be Selfish, Do Not Be Scared!!

3. Nehemiah Would Not Be Side Tracked: [Nehemiah 6:3]

Nehemiah’s opposition time and time again tried to Side Track him from his work to fight other battles or to negotiate with them, but Nehemiah knew that was dangerous, if the work would stop for any reason it would be next to impossible to get the people to restart their work. Refuse to be Side Tracked, there are things that must have our attention for sure, but always keep one hand doing the work even if you have to use the other to fight.[Nehemiah 4:17] Don’t come down off the wall until the wall is built and the work is done! Don’t Be Selfish, Don’t Be Scared, Do not Be Side Tracked!

4. Nehemiah Would Not Be Sinful: [Nehemiah 6:13]

 The foes of Nehemiah and his work sought to get Nehemiah to disobey the Word of God and thus putting him in a compromising position, but Nehemiah saw through their ploy and refused to be Sinful and undermine and destroy his influence and right to lead. Satan is always trying to Smite the Shepherd, Scatter the Sheep, and Still the Work .Many a Tower has gone half built because the leader sinned and the people lost heart and quit. Guard against allowing the enemy to trap you in a compromising position. Follow the Word, refusing to depart to the right or to the left. Be a straight and narrow Man of God! Don’t

5. Nehemiah Would Not Be Silent: [Nehemiah 2:3, 5, 7, 17, 20]

Time and time again we see the oft overlooked accounts of how Nehemiah Spoke Up when he needed to. Shepherds must never be Silent, Sheep Follow the VOICE of the Shepherd. (John 10:4) It must be a Voice that gives Clarity, Courage, and Confidence to his followers and Pause to his opposition. Today we hear about the need to be Civil, but I sense what the opposition really means is, be Silent, don’t speak a word of opposition to the direction we are trying to take this Nation, don’t speak the Truth to the people, don’t use your Voice to rally the people to the Work at hand. To that Nehemiah would have said, “I REFUSE TO BE SILENT, I REFUSE TO BE INTIMIDATED, AS LONG AS I HAVE BREATH I WILL CRY OUT AGAINST THE FOES OF LIBERTY, and I WILL BE HEARD!!” Nehemiah set the example for all that see a mess that needs to be dealt with, who sees their Nation in shambles and refuse to set by and pass the mess on to our Children, or see the Lord shamed by His people any longer.

What The Church needs, and what our Nation needs is for her MEN to be Nehemiah’s, better yet, to be like Jesus. You look at our Lord’s life and you see every Trait of Nehemiah perfected. It is time for Preachers to be Prophets, Men to be Men, and Christians to be Christians, Refusing to be Silent and Still any longer!! If we had such Men it would be amazing How Much the Lord would do So Quickly!!

“So the Wall was Finished… in FIFTY TWO DAYS.” [Nehemiah 6:15]


~Jack Woodard

[1Corinthians 2:2; 2Corinthians 4:5]

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I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 42 Years]
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