“The wicked shall be turn into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” [Psalms 9:17]
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” [Psalms 33:12]

America, in the truest since, has never been a Christian Nation, like we would call a nation in the Middle East a Muslim Nation, where the Koran is the absolute law of the land. The Bible has always heavily influenced America and many of our laws and our form of government are founded upon the Bible, but the Bible has never been the absolute law of the land, our Constitution has been the law of the land. America has never been a Theocracy, but a Constitutional Republic.

Also, America has never been a nation where the vast majority of its people were truly true, Born Again Christians. So if we defined America as a Christian nation because the vast majority of its people were/ or ever were truly saved, Born Again Christians (as in a Muslim Nation where nearly everyone of its citizens would be of the Muslim faith), we would be wrong. Even at our founding it is very doubtful that the vast majority of the people in this land were real Christians.

America has been a Christian Nation in the since that the majority of our most influential Founders were either Christians, or those who respected the Christian Faith and realized that for a nation to be truly a nation who offered freedom to its people, it could only be based upon the principles of the Christian Faith as defined in the Word of God. The vast majority of the people became convinced of this as well.
They understood that the only other form of Government that can exist apart from one based upon the principles of the Word of God was a totalitarian government, which restricted the place and practice of faith and freedom among its people. A government that ran the lives of its people.This is the form of government from which they were rebelling against. This the only form of government which the world knew until the new experiment, we now call America.

America was a Christian Nation in the since that the vast majority of her men and women, who may have not been Christians, yet realized that to build a nation who offered its people their unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it had to be built upon the Word of God. They had lived under the only other form of government and had rejected it in favor of a nation with a Christian foundation.
It may seem odd, but throughout our history most of our citizens have never been Christians and may not have always ordered their lives as such, but this vast majority have always expected their government and their leaders to so order their lives and affairs. That is the respect and understanding of the importance of the Christian Faith upon our land that our people once possessed.

Today, we have seen a wholesale rebellion against the Christian Faith and an aversion towards our leaders, or our government following or espousing anything that is Christian. The reason that is so, is because Americans no longer cherish freedom as a first right, now self gratification, self indulgence, and the spirit of entitlement is the most cherished goals of our people and they are more than willing to sacrifice the principle of freedom in order to pursue these vices.

The rejection and rebellion against the Christian Faith is prevalent throughout our nation, not only because freedom is no longer valued as a first right, but because the Christian Faith calls for denial of self and Holiness, which stifles the sinful, selfish lifestyles that our people have given themselves over to. They will not have Jesus Lording it over them, therefore they must remove all that is Christian to follow a life of self indulgence.

When we lose our life we find it, when we keep it for ourselves we will eventually lose it and all else. This is the point which we have reached as a nation and the only hopes of the majority of our people to once again cherish freedom and grasp the importance of the Christian Faith and Jesus in our nation, is to have a genuine spiritual awakening throughout the breadth and depth of our nation.

The nation of Judah rebelled against the Lord as our nation has done, but it took 70 years of Babylonian bondage to bring them to the point that they realize that the Lord was a benevolent God, who alone offered true freedom and a blessed life. It took the 70 years to repent and to return to the Lord. Most rebellious nations have not been so fortunate, they now reside in the graveyard of nations. The reason the Lord restored Judah was because they were His chosen people, and their restoration was dependent upon how long it would take them to repent, not if they were going to. Their restoration was ultimately based upon the Lord honoring His Word to the nation. no other nation can claim the honor of being God’s chosen people, not even America.

America has no promise from the Lord found in His Word that He will save us from our rebellion. Our continuance as a nation is based totally upon our willingness to repent and to return to the Lord and that it be done so in a timely manner. Once God’s judgment falls upon this nation there will be no restoration, this judgment will be unto death.
~Jack Woodard


About Jack Woodard

I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 42 Years]
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