1 KINGS 18:20-40

1. HE MUSTERED THEM [1 Kings 18:23-25]

Elijah didn’t play defense, he took the battle to the False Prophets.
You never win many battles by being on the defense all the time. A basketball team may play great defense, but they will never win a game if the don’t play offense and score some points.
We aren’t scoring many points against the wicked because we never take the battle to them and allow the Lord the opportunity to show Himself Mighty on behalf of His people.

2. HE MOCKED THEM [1 Kings 18:27]

Their life and ministry had been a mocking of the true God and Elijah returns the favor. False Prophets have too long been honored and accepted, it’s time those who mock our God be humbled in the eyes of God’s people for their evils.
Can you imagine the criticism a man of God would receive if he publicly mocked the many false, feel-good prophets in today’s church who are admired by the masses?
As a matter of fact, revival is always preceded by the humiliation of the false gods which the masses have placed their faith in instead of in Jesus Himself.

3. HE MASSACRED THEM [1 Kings 18:40]

Elijah knew that false prophets were like a dandelion, which must be rooted out or they would just sprout again.
It seems that too often we fight the battles with those who deny the Word of God until we get the upper hand and then we are willing to compromise and coexist with them, only to see them experience a revival. (It seems the only ones experiencing a revival in the Lord’s Church today are the false prophets that we have tolerated in our midst for years, proving Elijah was right). Not Elijah, to him there was no room for the false prophet among God’s people.
~Jack Woodard


About Jack Woodard

I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 39 Years]
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