JACK WOODARD




Date of Birth:       October 20, 1950 – Carrollton, Mo

Marital Status:    Married to Clara Ann Vandeventer, October 24, 1970

Children:               Ginger, DOB:  01/04/1975; Scott, DOB:  09/05/1976

Military:                 3 Years United States Marine Corp  1967-1970

Dog Handler – Military Police

1 Year in Viet Nam

Address:                 MISSISSIPPI

 Email:                     <jackwoodard@bellsouth.net>

Jack’s Blog:           <https://jackwoodard.wordpress.com&gt;






I repented and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my 20’s, and was called by the Lord into the full time Gospel Ministry about one year later. My calling by the Lord into the Ministry was (and still is) an experience that was just as real to me as my own salvation experience with Jesus was.

Licensed to the Gospel Ministry by First Baptist Church, Carrollton, MO

Ordained to the Gospel Ministry by High Point Baptist Church, Stoutland, Mo




Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Mo (1979-1981)

B.  Ministry Degree:   Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies, Jacksonville, FL

M. Ministry Degree:  Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies, Jacksonville, FL

M. Divinity Degree:   Luther Rice Seminary, Lithonia (Atlanta), GA

(21 hours towards M. Divinity Degree)




1. I believe in the verbal inspiration and authority of the Scripture. I believe that the Bible reveals God, the fall of man, the way of salvation, and God’s plan and purpose in the ages.

2. I believe in the unity of the Godhead there exists three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each is equal in every divine attribute, but hold harmonious offices in the great work of redemption.

3. I believe in the Deity and Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.

4. I believe salvation is by “GRACE” plus nothing and minus nothing. The conditions of salvation are repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. I believe that men are justified by faith alone and are accounted righteous before God only through the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

6. I believe in the visible, personal, and premillennial return of Jesus Christ

7. I believe in the everlasting conscious blessedness of the saved and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost.

8. I believe in the eternal security of the truly born again believer.


About Jack Woodard

I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 39 Years]
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