"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh (near). LUKE 21:28

In 2009 Insurance Companies paid out $61 Billion in claims as the result of Disasters of all kinds, in 2010 the same Insurance Companies paid out over $281 Billion for Disasters. The pay outs for Disasters TRIPLED in ONE YEAR. One of the great signs of the soon Return of Christ is the Increase in the INTENSITY and FREQUENCY of Natural Disasters and other Catastrophic events. This April (2011) many States have experienced a record breaking number of Tornadoes. It used to be that you rarely heard about an earthquake, now there is not a week that goes by that you don’t hear of at least one, and in places where we have never heard of them before.(“…earthquakes in VARIOUS places.” Matthew 24:7″

[Matthew 24:7,8] Like a woman’s birth pains increase in INTENSITY and FREQUENCY as her delivery draws nearer.

Many people are looking for something NEW to happen, as the evidence of the Lord’s soon return, but in reality; “…there is no new thing under the sun.” [Ecclesiastes 1:9]  What we will see according to the Bible, will be all the negative parts of life like, wars, pestilence, earthquakes, and other Natural and Man Made disasters happening at the same time in greater frequency and intensity than ever before, and like a woman that goes into labor, the painful events of life will just become more intense and frequent until the Lord Returns for His Own. [Matthew 24:7,8]

This should cause each of us to wake up and make sure you are SAVED and FAITHFULLY SERVING JESUS with a whole heart.

“For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” [Romans 10:13]

If you have never personally repented of your life of sin and received Jesus into your heart as YOUR LORD and SAVIOR, do so NOW,before it is everlastingly too late!!!

*ROMANS 13:11-14

~Jack Woodard

About Jack Woodard

I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 42 Years]
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