ISLAM is to America what the Nazi Party was to the Jews and the KKK was to the Black Race. They hate America and they would dominate us or destroy us. The whole ideology of Islam is built around those two words, Dominate or Destroy. That is what makes Islam different from any other religion in the world, other Religions try to better their followers, and Islam tells its followers to get the Better of those who aren’t its followers. It is also what makes the spreading influence of Islam intolerable as a simple matter of self-survival. Some will say that most Muslims are moderate and peace loving. The fact is there is No Moderate Muslim except where they are in the Minority. If Muslims were in the Majority every Real Muslim would be Radical and Intolerant of those of other Faiths, especially those of the Jewish and Christian Faith.

If one finds that hard to believe then look at EVERY NATION that is a Muslim Nation and see their Intolerance and Violence against those who refuse to embrace Islam and especially towards those Christians who evangelize. America cannot embrace the Muslim Faith and survive any more than the Jews and Blacks could have survived embracing their sworn foes. It is Jesus who has so blessed this Nation and He has so embraced us because we have Embraced Him and His Word throughout our existence. Islam would destroy the Christian Faith and thus destroy our Nation. Even more frightening is the fact that the Lord Himself would judge us by forsaking us for forsaking Him and embracing a FALSE GOD.

If any American would honestly contrast any Nation that is a Muslim Nation with the United States it would be perfectly clear that Islam and America do not go together. These Nations and their values are completely our opposite. America is founded upon the Judeo-Christian Ethic (Old and New Testament), Islam is built upon the Koran, and no two doctrines could be more contrary to one another.  We must realize that to embrace Islam and to allow it to become the Faith of our Nation would be to become another Iran or Saudi Arabia. The future belongs to the FAITH whose people are the most ZEALOUS in spreading their Faith. Will it be the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, or will it be Islam, the Cult of Mohammed?

~Jack Woodard

Romans 8:18 / 1st Peter 5:7

About Jack Woodard

I am a Baptist Pastor. [Calling the Church to Revival and Sinners to Salvation for 39 Years]
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